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Come to Yamato Sushi Steak House in Savannah, Tennessee. If you're a sushi or Japanese food lover, this is a great place to stop by. Yamato Sushi Steak House is just under 20 minutes away from Botel Campground. It is located north of Botel so if you want to travel up the road for dinner, this is a great location for a sit-down meal.

Other than your regular menu items for a sushi restaurant, Yamato also offers a wide variety of dishes such as:
-Fried Cat Fish
-Crazy Plate (2 Spring Rolls, 2 gyoza, 2 Lobster Rangoon & fried Shumai)
-Treasure Island (half an avocado around with spicy tuna)
-Hibachi Chicken

Yamato is also a great place to eat if you're vegetarian or vegan. They have dishes that meet those dietary needs. Below are a few favorites just to name a few.
-Hibachi Vegetable
-Cucumber Roll
-Avocado Salad
-Mango Salad

Also, don't forget to order dessert. Yamato serves an amazing ice cream tempera (deep-fried ice cream) and Fried banana if you have a sweet tooth. 
Nancy M. | Facebook
Delicious! I will never waste gas going out of town for sushi and hibachi!! Everything was super fresh and cooked perfectly. They blow away every other place I've been! So excited to have this place right here at home!!
Janet S. | Facebook
Food was amazing!! Our server was very nice and helpful. We will definitely be back!! You just need a huge place and we have the property if you want to build!!
Brenda S. | Facebook
I have been there twice and was really impressed with the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The food tasted great and the service was very good. I definitely will be a regular customer. So glad something new and fresh has come to Savannah.